Automatic Self-cleaning Filtration System

More than 400 installations in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, South Africa,

Japan, Singapore, etc.

Turbine By-Pass Control Valves, De-Super-heater, Spray Water Control Valves  

For Thermal Power Plant & Co-Generation Plant.

Process Line –Concentration Control System
For Sugar refinery plant, Lube Oil Plant, PVC Plant, Gelatin Plant, Hydrogen Peroxide Plant, VCM Plant, etc.

De-foaming System
For China Steel Corporation -Steel Mill Plant.

Batch Control System
For Resin Plant, Tank Terminals, etc.

Pneumatic / Motor operated Control valves

For tank terminal, incineration plant, City water projects, Hydraulic Power plant, oil refinery plant etc.

Filter Press Package
For wasted Water Treatment system for steel mill, petrochemical plants, etc.

LNG Terminal – Chinese Petroleum Corporation.

Sea Water Filters, Flow Nozzles, Orifice Plates, Y strainers, T strainers, etc.

Oil Refinery Plant – Ammine, Gasoline, Diesel, Aviation Fuel oil

Pre-filter and filter water separators, more than 100 installations are operating in Taiwan and oversea countries, Fuel gas condition system, Liquid-Liquid coalesce –Diesel, etc.

Process Filters– for natural gas, elastic fiber, VCM , Polycarbonate , PTA , Ethylene Glycol , nylon 6 plants , HDS , RFCC , Ethylene Glycol , Acetic acid , ABS , Acrylic Ester , Acetic acid , MMA , Cyclohexane , etc.

l  CPC Taiwan Corporation – No.11, Diesel HDS Project , Talin Refinery , Kaohsiung , Taiwan – US$ 149,330

l  CPC Taiwan Corporation – NO.3 RDS project, US$110,800.

Aviation Fuel– Micro-Filters, filter water separators acc. to API 1590 and API 1581 5th edition – more than 90 installations are in Taiwan

l  Mar. 2017 Received 1st order from the Pertamina –Indonesia for 4 offaviation JP-8 micro-filters & 2 off filter water separators

Steel mill plantRich experiences in the cooling water filtration system, safety relief valves for oxygen plant, filter presses package for waste water treatment Plant, steam condition valve & de-super-heater for power plant.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction

Oil Refinery Plants

CPC Taiwan Corporation –E.P.C. instrumentation

CPC Taiwan Corporation –Fuel gas dehydration package

CPC Taiwan Corporation – Natural gas pressure reducing & metering stations

Formosa Petrochemical Corporation –Condensate polisher package

Formosa Petrochemical Corporation –Internal floating roof & tank seal system.

CPC Taiwan Corporation – Natural gas filter 24” x 600# x 3 sets –Contract value US$533,000.

Formosa Petrochemical Corporation – Flue gas – Carbon Dioxide (CO2) stripper system -Contract value US$1,100,000. and carried out at the Dec. 2015.

CPC Taiwan Corporation – Natural gas filter 24” x 600# x 1 set –Contract value US$188,000.

CTCI Corporation – Taiwan Power Company –Tung Hsiao Power Plant Renewal Project –Natural gas filters, 18”, ANSI 600 # x 4 sets –Contract value US$ 460,000.

CTCI –SABIC Furnace 10 project –Stack Damper, GBP 30,000.

CTCI-Taiwan power company 2 natural gas filters and together with the instruments package Approx. US$360,000.

Petrochemical Industry

   Nan-Ya Plastics Corporation – Natural gas pressure reducing & metering stations. Formosa Plastics Corporation – Reverse Osmosis system –Contract value US$520,000., LCY Group- Cyclohexane pre-filters and coalescers , etc.

Power & Cogeneration plants

Mapna, Iran – Nitrogen supply system -10 sets

Mapna, Iran – Electronic Relief valves package

Taiwan power company-Dah Tarn Power plant, Naturag gas K.O. Drum with filters 20”, 600#, 2 Sets US$250,000.

Steam ejector and vacuum systems

   China Petrochemical and development Corporation.

   Nan-Ya Plastics Corporation

   Co-Youngsun Industry Corporation

   Taita Chemical Co., Ltd

   Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corporation

Heat exchangers & Vaporizer

   In 2013, Felca awarded a contract of spiral type heat exchangers for the principal “LHE, Korea “, and the order value is around US$2,300,000.

   In 2014 awarded another order of spiral type heat exchangers US$222,000.

   In 2015 awarded a repair order US$162,000.

   In 12/08/2016 awarded approx. USD4 Million contract from the project “Orpic-Liwa Plastics Industries and Petroleum Industries “.

   In 21/09/2016 awarded approx. GBP400,000. contract from the project

   “Orpic-Liwa Plastics Industries and Petroleum Industries “.

   In 04/05/2017 awarded approx. USD1,800,000. contract from the project

   “Orpic-Liwa Plastics Industries and Petroleum Industries “, for cryogenic vaporizer

Pressure Relief Valves & Rupture Discs

Annual sales amount is around Eur. 900,000- 1 M. May. 2015 -CPC Taiwan Corporation – No.11, Diesel HDS Project, Talin Refinery, Kaohsiung, Taiwan – Eur. 150,000.

Tank Protection devices & accessories– Breather valves, Flame arresters, emergency vent covers, IRF, tank seals, etc.

We started to sale these products since year 2002 and annual sales amount is around US$400,000-500,000 per year.