Established subsidiary K-Flow Engineering Co., Ltd as a system engineering company mainly in the design and construction of natural gas pressure reducing and metering station.

1996-Apr. 15
Design and build two continuous sugar dissolution packages and two wine warming packages to the Taiwan Monopoly Bureau in Chia-ii.

2000-Nov. 24
Delivered 4 diesel and gasoline filter water separators to the Formosa Petrochemical Corporation (FPCC) and after that received more than 90 units of micro-filters and filter water separators from the FPCC, CPC, Air Force bases, military bases, airport terminals, oil refinery and oversea customers.

Technical collaboration with Roki, Japan and awarded 3 units of PTA solution filters from the Formosa Chemical & Fiber Corporation, design pressure 120 kg/cm2g, temperature 325 ℃.

2005-Sep. 15 
Technical collaboration with Dango & Dienenthal, Germany and build 8 units of 24” Seawater automatic self-cleaning filters for the CTCI Corporation and after they purchase another 2 units in 2008.

May. 09 -ISO 9001 certified

2014-Sep. 02
Signed a license agreement with Faudi Aviation, Germany.

2015 Feb. 10
Awarded a CO2 capture package plant from FPCC and carried out in 2016.

2016-Aug. 22
Technical collaboration with Peerless, USA and manufactured 3 natural gas knock-out drum with filter separators to the CPC and after that delivered more than 10 units to the CPC and Taiwan power company.

2017-May. 04
CE certified approved