簡介 Company Profile

Girard Industries, founded in 1968, began as a manufacturer of polyurethane foam pipeline cleaners now known as Polly-Pigs. The founder, Harry Girard, was instrumental in the development of the Polly-Pig and held many of the original patents that date back to the early 1950’s.
Since inception, Girard has focused on providing products and solutions to the pipeline cleaning industry. With this focus, Girard developed it’s product line to include the full range of Pipeline Pigs backed by unmatched customer service.
Today, Girard is a leading manufacturer of Steel Mandrel, Solid Cast Polyurethane and Foam Pigs. While others supply pipe cleaning pigs, Girard is the only company that manufactures the complete product range.

美國吉洛德工業(Girard Industries)成立於1968年,最初是作為一家聚氨酯泡沫塑料的管道清潔器製造商,即為現在的Polly-Pigs。創始人Harry Girard對Polly-Pig的發展扮演了重要的角色,並持有許多專利,最早可追溯至1950年代初期。

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